Georgia Pioneers

Homes of Georgians before they came to America

Inverness, Scotland

Featured here are photographs and historical data concerning the origins of the earliest settlers to Georgia. Most of the genealogies and family histories of those who came to Gerogia with General Oglethorpe and later have been traced by Jeannette Holland Austin and are found under "Genealogies" on this website. A melting pot of Europeans had a cause. They were immigrating to enjoy religious freedom and to have economic opportunities. Every American desires to learn the background of his roots and pass this heritage on to the children. Whether it is Irish, Scottish, English, German, Italian or what have you, we want to know who we are. The indepth research of Jeannette Austin was intensive and thorough. She located from the passenger lists and other records the town or village these citizens left behind to come to America.

Inverness, Scotland

Villages, Towns, Countries

Inverness, Scotland

The Genealogies and Family Histories of the First Colonists to Georgia have been traced
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Saltzburgh, Austria Cardinal Anton Leopold ordered the protestants out of Austria in 1722. They spend several years wandering around Europe before James Oglethorpe invited them to make their home in the Georgia Colony.

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